Liberbank earns 84 million until June, 39.3% more

Liberbank recorded a net profit of 84 million euros in the first half of this year, representing an increase of 39.3% over the same period of the previous year, as reported by the entity on Monday.

Between January and June, Liberbank achieved a growth of all the margins of the income statement and intensified the improvement of the typical banking business activity, reflected both in the increase in customer funds by 2.8%, to 29,517 million, as in the growth of the outstanding credit balance in all segments of activity, which increased by 8.8% to 21,867 million.

Specifically, net interest income increased by 9.3% to 221 million euros, while gross margin increased by 2.7% to 363 million euros.

On the other hand, the operating margin grew by 17%, to 160 million, due to the continuity of the policy of containment of expenses, which registered a decrease of 5.1% due to the reduction of personnel costs of 1, 9% and administrative expenses of 10.5%.

Net commission income grew by 3.6% in the first six months of the year, to 93 million euros, with an increase of 4.8% in recurring commissions, driven by the increase in commissions for non-financial products. banking.

The new credit production registered a growth of 51.6%, with a total figure of 3,292 million euros.

In the segment of credit to the private sector, in the first half of the year the formalization of new financing contracts for self-employed workers stood out, as well as new mortgages, which increased by 27.6%, with amounts that in 94% of operations are less than 80% of the value of the guarantee.

On the other hand, the new consumer credit also maintained a high rate of formalization, with the growth of 14% percent in year-on-year terms.




Liberbank continued during the first semester the asset quality improvement strategy developed in 2017, which has allowed it to reduce the default rate by 4.5 percentage points in one year, down from 11.3% in June of last year. up to 6.75%.

The volume of doubtful credit decreased last year by 972 million euros and during the second quarter of 2018 the exit of doubtful due to the collection, regularization or sale of guarantees accelerated, up to a rate of four times the entry of default risk.

According to the entity, the improvement in the quality of assets is also seen in the evolution of foreclosures, which were reduced in the last twelve months by 27.7%, in such a way that the ratio of unproductive assets (foreclosed most doubtful) ) has been placed at 15%, 7.1 percentage points less than a year ago.

The portfolio of refinanced loans stood at 895 million at the end of the quarter, of which 76%, by application of a prudential policy, are classified as doubtful assets.

In year-on-year terms, refinanced loans have been reduced by 727 million, so the proportion of refinanced credit over the total decreases to 3.8%.

Liberbank reached at the close of the first half of 2018 a level of capital of maximum quality (CET 1 Common Tier1) of 13.4%, a capital ratio Level 1 of 13.9% and a ratio of Total Capital of 15.4 %.

The fully loaded CET 1, taking into account the conversion of convertible bonds (COCOS) for the month of July and the result of the year, stands at 12.2%, while the Tier 1 Capital ratio remains at 12.2%. % and Total Capital at 13.7%.

Signature Loans Online + Cash Advance Without Much Stress

If you would ever move and search for any mortgage, you would find a large number of credit score schemes available in the market

People choose the one that suits them one of the most. Everyone has different needs plus accordingly he or she may have various priorities. Keeping this in your mind, we have also introduced a few special loans known as personal loans.

Signature loans on the web are such loans in which the signature of the borrower is going to be required for the loan acceptance- ADVANTAGES OF SIGNATURE LOANS. The borrower of the many personal loans currently available. The borrower is not required to promote any of his or her property or even asset to get the loan approved. This way these may be known as timely and immediate help.

You need to act clever

You must review the conditions and terms of the signature loan carefully. Be sure you are able to fulfill the requirements. Simultaneously, you need to compare the interest prices offered by different lenders. To save money, you need to choose the loan provider which offers the lowest deal. Right after comparing the interest rates, you need to then decide the mortgage amount.

In order to get applied for signature financial loans no credit check scheme, you will need to fulfill certain terms and conditions. Generally, these loans are given to US borrowers which attained above 18 years old. The borrowers should have a long-term job. Their monthly revenue should be at least $1000 dollars. And he or she must have a valid checking account in ALL OF US. With these criteria, you can now use the internet and avail for this mortgage and borrow money at the very least possible time. If you are accepted with these loans, you can obtain fast cash for about $15000 bucks. Again, this particular loan is granted intended for only a few months or yrs.

If you need quick cash these types of lenders will get you up to $1, 500 in just a couple hours. They usually expect you to pay the money back again over two pay intervals, but some companies give you provided that signature loans 100 days to pay the cash back. Make sure you choose an organization with payment terms you are able to handle or you may wish you needed never taken out the mortgage.

Guaranteed Debts – Secured financial obligations are those assigned to a guarantee (house, car, furniture, and so forth ). Creditors can often experience a late or lacking payment or even two. Get in touch with the creditor and describe the circumstance, but certainly do not just ignore your lender. Yes, your credit might be hurt, but we are coping with an emergency and wounds will certainly occur. If the disaster is definitely long term you may have to consider giving up the property.

Make sure you bear in mind that you should not act quickly to sign up for a loan offer without considering the business history of that loan provider. Make sure that you always choose a signature loan with reduced APR and affordable month-to-month repayments.

Tips for the Riester pension: Turbosaving with low contributions


Image: Mature couple on bench

Tip: Get the government allowances and tax benefits at the Riester and get more out of your private provision.

Additional old-age provision is indispensable – especially because of the many cuts that workers have to face in the future in terms of statutory pensions. Riester contracts offer a way to supplement the pension.

Secure full state allowances

Each saver receives 175 euros basic allowance annually, if he flows at least 4 percent of his annual gross income from last year in the Riester contract. At 36,000 euros, less the basic allowance of 175 euros would be a total of 1,265 euros. Monthly, a saver would have to pay about 105 euros net in the contract to get the 175 euros donated by the state. If he pays only half, he gets only half of the allowance. If annual gross premiums increase, insured persons must adjust the contribution.

If you have children, the state gives you even more money: For every child born before 2008, there are 185 euros, and for children born in 2008, even 300 euros. For example, a 12- and 8-year-old child will receive an additional 485 euros in supplements a year. However, the state pays the child allowance only as long as the children receive child benefit and are no older than 25 years.

Note : At the same time as completing the Riester contract, you should fill in the application for a permanent allowance in order to receive the state subsidy on a permanent basis.

Riester pension as special expenditure

You can secure even more money if you mark your Riester pension as special expenses in the tax return. Individuals can claim a maximum of 2,100 euros and married couples 4,200 euros – if the latter collect the tax declaration together.

How much money the tax office pays you back depends on the allowances and the marginal tax rate. To determine your expected reimbursement for the Riester pension, you can use the following formula:

(Personal marginal tax rate * [Paid premium-allowance]) – Allowance = Effective tax benefit

With a gross annual salary of 36,000, the marginal tax rate for a single without children is about 36 percent. Add the paid-in contributions of 1,265 euros to the allowance and multiply the total by your marginal tax rate. You will receive a theoretical tax benefit of 518 euros, from which you deduct the basic allowance of 175 euros. Your effective tax advantage is 343 euros. If you pay the maximum contribution of 2,100 euros for state support into the contract, the reimbursement of the tax office would increase:

scenario annual gross allowances Tax refund (minimum contribution of 4%) Tax refund (maximum amount)
Single (without children) 36,000 € 175 € 343 € 581 €


(Spouse) partner as low-income or mini-jobber

If the partner is low-paid or mini-jobber, he should voluntarily pay into the statutory pension (contribution rate 2018: 3.7 percent). At 400 euros a month, 14.80 euros would flow into the pension fund and 16 euros into the Riester contract to collect the full allowance. The advantage: You can claim a maximum of 4,200 euros as special expenses in the tax. This is particularly worthwhile if the full-time partner pays more than 4 percent of the annual gross amount into the Riester contract.

If the partner does not pay into the statutory pension fund, he is only indirectly eligible and only pays the base amount for the full allowance. You can then claim only 2,160 euros (base amount + maximum funding) as special expenses in the tax return and no longer the 4,200 euros. The tax benefit drops and you get less money from the tax office.

Note : If both partners have a contract and one dies, his Riester credit can be transferred without loss to the other. If only one partner has a Riester contract, he must reimburse the allowances previously paid by the state.

Additional grant for trainees and students

Apprentices and career starters can get an additional subsidy from the state for the Riester pension. Riester savers under 25, who are employed under social insurance, get the annual allowance of 175 € still the entry-level professional bonus of 200 €. Most apprentices, who start their education for the first time and did not have any income the year before, only have to pay the base contribution of 60 Euro.

State Riester promotion abroad

Retirees who relocate their old-age residence to a country of the European Union will be able to keep state allowances in the future. The Riester eligibility is no longer linked to the unlimited income tax liability so that no longer resident in the country. So far, the state has been demanding that the allowances be withdrawn on a subsequent move to an EU country. Even for self-occupied real estate within the European Union or within the European Economic Area, the state-subsidized residential Riester can now be used. Employees who live abroad but are employed in Germany now also benefit from the allowance. Even if they do not pay their income tax in Germany.

How much is the Riester pension taxed?

In principle, the Riester pension is fully included in the calculation of taxable income. However, this does not necessarily mean that the Riester pension is really fully taxed. Because that depends on your tax burden in old age. As a rule, this is lower than for gainful employment. Since your income is usually lower, you pay less tax on your income as the Riester pension.

While contributions to the statutory health insurance are due for the statutory pension, you do not have to pay for your Riester pension because it is classified as a private pension. So, all in all, for the normal pensioner, there is at most a small tax burden on the Riester pension in old age.

Note : Currently (as of 2018) pensioners receive up to € 9,000 in income (single) and € 18,800 (married) each year completely tax-free. Although this value increases every year, the statutory pension will be taxed at 100 percent by 2040. In 2018, 24 percent of the pension is tax-free, in 2027 only 13 percent.

payout options

Only 30 percent of the capital saved can be paid out at the Riester Treaty in one fell swoop from the age of 62 years. For contracts signed before 2005, it is only 20 percent. In addition, the interest and income accrued in the pension phase can be paid out at once. The remaining assets must then be invested for the lifelong pension, ie usually for the period after the age of 85 years.

Note : Small-value pensions, which account for less than one percent of the reference value according to § 18 SGB IV (as of 2018: 30.45 euros), can be paid out in one go at the beginning of the pension.



Kostenfreie Expertenberatung

Hochzeitskredit: Beste Zinsen für Ihre Traumhochzeit!




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Das sagen unsere Kunden

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Hochzeitskredit aufnehmen

Viele Heiratswilligen in Deutschland sind bereit, die Traumhochzeit über einen Kredit zu finanzieren. Deutsche Brautpaare geben immer mehr für ihre Hochzeit aus: Im Durchschnitt kostet der schönste Tag des Lebens 5.500 Euro. Jeder dritte Bundesbürger ist sogar bereit, bis zu 10.000 Euro oder mehr hinzulegen, jeder zehnte würde bis zu 25.000 Euro ausgeben. So viel Geld zahlt nicht jeder aus der Portokasse – deshalb würde mehr als ein Drittel der Heiratswilligen einen Hochzeitskredit aufnehmen. Das geht aus Umfragen der Creditplus Bank und der ING-DiBa hervor. Im Kreditrechner des unabhängigen Verbraucherportals Verivox finden Paare den passenden Hochzeitskredit.

Beim sogenannten Hochzeitskredit handelt es sich um einen gewöhnlichen Ratenkredit ohne festgelegten Verwendungszweck. Er wird in gleichbleibenden monatlichen Raten an die Bank zurückgezahlt. Die Höhe des Betrags und der Zeitrahmen der Rückzahlung sollten individuell vereinbart werden. Um einen günstigen Kredit zu finden, bietet sich ein Kreditvergleich an. Hier können der gewünschte Kreditbetrag und die passende Laufzeit festgelegt und die Angebote verschiedener Banken gegenübergestellt werden.

Wichtige Kriterien vorab klären

Vor der Kreditaufnahme ist eine fundierte Kostenkalkulation unumgänglich. Paare sollten das Budget der Heirat planen und klären, in welcher Höhe die Kosten für die Hochzeitsfeier, die Ringe, das Brautkleid, die Flitterwochen und Sonstiges zu veranschlagen sind. Entscheidend für die Höhe des Kredites ist zudem das vorhandene Eigenkapital, das in die Bezahlung der Hochzeit einfließen kann.

Um festzulegen, wie hoch die monatliche Tilgungsrate des Hochzeitskredites ausfallen soll, ist es ratsam, die eigenen Einnahmen und Ausgaben gegenüberzustellen.

Vorteile durch kostenlose Sondertilgungen

Brautpaare sollten darauf achten, dass ihr Hochzeitskredit eine Möglichkeit zur kostenlosen Sondertilgung zulässt. So kann durch Geldgeschenke zur Hochzeit ein zusätzlicher Beitrag zum monatlichen Tilgungsbetrag geleistet werden. Der Vorteil: Die Laufzeit des Kredites wird ebenso reduziert wie die Gesamtkosten für das Darlehen. Ohne eine Option zur Sondertilgung würde für außerplanmäßige Zahlungen eine Gebühr verlangt.

Kredit zu zweit beantragen

Viele Banken bieten für Kreditnehmer, die den Hochzeitskredit zu zweit beantragen, Sonderkonditionen an. Zum einen sind die Zinsen in diesem Fall oft deutlich günstiger. Zum anderen akzeptieren die Banken den Kreditantrag mit einer höheren Wahrscheinlichkeit. Wer die Finanzierung gemeinsam mit dem zukünftigen Ehepartner beantragt, haftet aber gesamtschuldnerisch. Das heißt, die Bank darf von beiden die Tilgung des Hochzeitkredites fordern.

Rücktrittsversicherung für die Hochzeitsfeier

Investieren Brautpaare viel Geld in ihre Hochzeit, kann es sich lohnen, die Feier zu versichern. Mit einer Rücktrittsversicherung sind Stornokosten abgedeckt, falls die Hochzeit zum Beispiel durch Krankheit oder einen Unfall verschoben werden muss. So können für eine Prämie von 100 Euro Veranstaltungskosten von 5.000 Euro abgesichert werden. Bei Hochzeitsreisen ist eine Reiserücktrittsversicherung ratsam.




Paar in Oldtimer unterwegs auf Landstraße

Mietwagen für Ihre Flitterwochen


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The financial question: When rapid repayment of loans waving interest benefits

Banks offer customers rapid repayment of property loans annual discounts of 10 to 15 percent. But the nimble absorber often pays too much.

The low borrowing rates are, whether the loans for the payment of owner-occupied or rented properties are used, dangerous in many ways. By far the greatest danger is the indebtedness if the individuals overestimate their credit rating. Those who have no bacon on the ribs, in spite of cheap credit remains a line in the landscape.
The second danger is the financial collapse in interest rates. Should interest rates rise during the term, the higher rates to the borrower can be a burden that is unsustainable. The third risk is the long repayment if the repayment is low. Who is engaged in the Abstottern of loans to old age, will not enjoy his retirement?

Dangerous quick repayment

And the fourth danger is the overpricing cheaper loans for faster repayment. That sounds like a contradiction, but pay the nimble absorber, although they are the best borrowers for the banks too high prices in general. The difficulties are illustrated by the following example.

A private citizen is 40 years young. He needed to buy a house that costs about 300,000 euros and will even be used even 200,000 euros. Loans of this size cost currently a year from 3 percent if interest rates for 15 years to be committed. The monthly payment for interest and principal is 708 euros if the nominal interest rate is 3.25 percent per annum and the repayment is set at 1 percent. This may seem tempting at first glance because the 708 Euro look like the saved rent, but on closer inspection is to offer full of pitfalls.

Too little redemption makes the heirs no fun

The most sensitive issue is the credit rating of the investor. If the 708 Euro mark the end of the story, there is a risk that the borrower falls over at the first gust of wind. If the man in five years needs a new car, or in ten years, some time will be out of work, private life can get into financial difficulties. Either the car is not affordable, or the home loan is in default.

Also looming in the distant future – specifically in 15 years – the risk that the connection interest rates are higher than the current contractual interest. In a Prolongationszins for example, 5 percent of the new monthly installment will be a high probability of more than 800 euros, and the investors may be charged when the fund will bear no more than 750 euros, break his neck.

The circumstances give cause for reflection. The investor is 40 years old. At this age, the early repayment of 1 percent is sheer madness. Lending rates of 3.25 percent and the repayment of one percent lead to a term of 45 years so that the private citizen is well on the way to take the loan installments in due time to the grave. There may be cheerful natures, who see it as a problem, but sober observer will wonder what these borrowers with their money.

Not only loan even retirement

If no reserves are available on the credit rate addition, the house should not be bought because it exceeds the financial capacity of the investor, if possible. This inevitably leads to the question of how much money should be for the interest and repayment of the loan available.