Apply for a payday advance online

If you want to borrow a payday advance online, you have come to the right place. Green Start site is the best and cheapest provider of a payday advance online. Admittedly, not many providers offer these online loans of this size.

We show you, on this page, the providers that we believe offer the best loans of this size. You can find a wealth of cheap loans, and with us, we have made all the comparisons for you. This means that we compare loans in all price categories, and you can always compare, explore and immerse yourself in the many loans you can find here on the site – all at a low-interest rate.

Loan calculator and consumer loan

Loan calculator

Here at Jules, we have made a loan calculator that can calculate the price of your coming consumer loan. You can enter your desired loan amount and the desired interest rate. Then our system automatically creates an amortization plan for you.

It calculates the maturity of your loan as well as the monthly benefit on the desired loan. You can also browse the site and see the different providers of loans in different sizes. You can do this under the menu item “loan amount”. You can also read more about loan concepts that you should know about before you borrow money under the menu item “concepts”.


You can take a loan of SEK 350,000 to redeem your existing debt. More and more people are choosing to do this. It is a way to bring together all your existing loans with one lender, thereby gaining more overview and air in the economy, as interest rates will be lower because all your loans get one overall interest rate.

Other benefits of the so-called collectible loan are that you can get a better overview of your finances and have more influence on what you pay in interest and fees. You can easily take a loan outside the bank, and in the same way, can easily take collectible loans outside the bank.

Loans without documentation

Loans without documentation

It is difficult to borrow such large amounts without any kind of documentation. The reason for this is precise that the amount is so high that the lender needs some sort of assurance that they can get the money paid back.

This they get by signing your loan application with NemID. Thus, the lender also automatically makes a credit check – or a credit rating – on you. This is very hard to get by when borrowing money online. The lender can, therefore, check your most recently reported data for the public as well as your payslips and your income.

If a given provider offers to loan you DKK 350,000 without wanting to make a credit check, then be monitored. If it seems too good to be true then it is most likely the case and it may cost you tremendously.

Loans despite RKI?

Loans despite RKI?

Your income also comes into play when you need to borrow money online. It is important that you have a fixed income when you have to borrow such a large amount, as it is otherwise difficult for you to take out the loan.

You also cannot borrow money if you are registered in the RKI. There are very few to no loan providers who can borrow (or borrow) money for an RKI registered, as there is a great risk that the loan cannot be repaid.

Increase your chances of being approved for a loan

Increase your chances of being approved for a loan

There are several ways you can increase your chances of being approved for a given loan. When you are looking for a loan of DKK 350,000, then this is a lot of money. If you can only borrow a small amount then we recommend that you do so.

A loan of DKK 350,000 can be an expensive affair for you. All else being equal, it is true that the larger the amount you borrow, the longer it will take to repay the amount. Another thing to note is that it is difficult to get approved for such a large amount of loan if you are only yourself.

Thus, your chances of being approved to borrow $ 350,000 will increase significantly if you have a “co-applicant”. It can be your girlfriend, wife, husband or it can be a close friend or family member – the possibilities are many.